NEW Volunteer Opp: July 10 – 12, 2014

What: Color In Motion 5K benefitting the American Heart Association
Thursday July, 10th 4pm – 8pm (preparing participant race day bags) Shifts Available
Friday July, 11th 10am-5pm (participant pick up race day bags) Shifts Available
Saturday, July 12th 6am – Noon (RACE DAY!)

Volunteer Description:
Need total 100 volunteers. 10-20 volunteers to help prepare race bags on the Thursday evening prior to the run and help distribute them to participants the day before. Day of event 80 – 100 volunteers needed to help set up “color throwing” stations along the route and staff route during the race. Volunteers will help throw bright colored cornstarch (safe!) at runners participating in 5K. This is a super fun event!! Check out details by visiting:

Volunteers must be 18 years or older. If you are interested in helping out please fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and contact Jessica Sire, or 253.572.4945


NEW Volunteer Opp: May 22, 2014

What: Mann Elementary Health, Safety and Community Resources Fair
When: Thursday, May 22nd
Time: 430pm Set up, 5-7pm event (15 minutes additional post event clean up)

Volunteer Description:
NEED 1 – 3 Volunteers. AHA staff will provide volunteers with Health Fair Kit including health education materials to distribute to attendees. Volunteers will interact with attendees and share information about the American Heart Association and Heart Health resources. We do not expect volunteers to be the “expert” on the AHA or on heart health just that you are friendly and positive!

If you are interested in helping with this event please fill out the VOLUNTEER APPLICATION and contact Rose Lemay,, 253.572.4996

7 ways to a Healthy Heart

Take 7 small steps to BIG Changes

Walk 30 minutes a day all at once or in sessions of 10 minutes each. Take an evening walk with your family instead of watching TV. Listen to audio books and walk instead of seated with a paper book. Map out a walk visit:

Limit foods and drinks that are high in calories but low in nutrients. Avoid processed meals; bake or broil instead of frying. Split your plate in 3 sections: veggies, lean meat, whole grains

Burn as many calories as you burn. Enjoy more physical activities. Monitor your progress, keep motivated, involve friends in the challenge. Set short term goals to lose weight; reward yourself with fun activities

Focus on the positive aspects of quitting; manage stress. Start by smoking less cigarettes. Know your triggers: driving, drinking. Involve someone else for support

Eat more fruits, grains, vegetables which contain no cholesterol. Limit saturated fats, trans fats and cholesterol from meats, butter, and dairy. Know your numbers and what they mean!

High blood pressure shows no symptoms. Don’t just trust how your feel. Know your numbers! Normal blood pressure reads 120/80mmHg. Consume a healthy diet, decrease salt intake, manage stress. Visit your doctor! In some cases medication is needed.

Eat Small portions more frequently during the day. Choose longer to digest carbohydrates: whole wheat, fruits, vegetables. Reduce refined carbohydrates: cookies, donuts, candy, soft drinks. Drink enough water.



Take the simple test to asses your own heart health!

National Stroke Awareness Month

May is National Stroke Awareness Month!

Strokes are the #4 cause of death in the United States and almost 80% of those deaths could have been prevented!! Learn how to spot a Stroke F.A.S.T visit:

Did you know?
– 40% of stroke deaths occur in males and %60 of stroke deaths occur in females
– Americans pay about 73.7 billion annually for stroke related medical costs and disability
– Every 40 seconds someone has a stroke
– Lowering your systolic blood pressure by 20mmHg and lowering your diastolic blood pressure by 10mmHg may decrease your risk of stroke and ischemic heart disease by 50%!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are SO many opportunities to support your local South Sound American Heart Association American Stroke Association.

We will be updating this blog frequently with information about upcoming volunteer opportunities so keep your eyes peeled we would LOVE your help!

Thank you – South Sound AHA staff 🙂